FALIA Essay Competition
Awards Ceremony 2023

The awards ceremony for the FALIA essay competition 2023 was held on January 26th at Hibikoku Conference Square.
11 prize winners were awarded and more than 40 attendants celebrated them in the ceremony.

The Awards Ceremony

76 essays on topics related to life insurance were submitted by international students from 27 countries. 
FALIA awarded 12 students from 9 countries, which were The Philippines, China, South Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. 

Guests were invited for the Ceremony, such as professors from award winners' universities, embassies, Dai-ichi Life executives and other members from related institutions, together with the selection committee members.  Award winners made a presentation based on their essays.

<The contents of the ceremony>
- Opening orientation
- Introduction of Selection Committee Members
- Welcome Remarks from Mr. Tetsuo Kabe, President of FALIA
- Award winners Announcement
- Reviews on 2023 FALIA Essay Competition from Mr.Takau Yoneyama,Committee Chair
    English     Japanese
- Poster Session (Effort awards)
- Presentations (1st -3rd Prize Winners)
 Summary 1st   2nd

The Reception Party

The reception party was held with a celebratory toast, followed by light refreshments.

<The contents of the party>
- Opening Address of the reception party
- Toast
- Closing Address  from Mr. Masayuki Tanaka, Managing Director of FALIA
- Photo Shooting